SPIRIT Horse -Stable Life

           ~ Bringing Horses & People Together!

Riding Lessons

Available to all ages and skill levels.

Specializing in beginner riders both children and adults.   


The lesson program is designed by Erin Gallant, a Nationally certified Equine Canada Competition Coach Specialist.

15 years of  successful teaching and coaching experience.  Erin's assistant instructor Chelsey Garland and her horse Roxy have been under the guidance of Erin for the majority of their partnership.   Chelsey is an excellent instructor who focuses on safety,fun and appropriate skills.  

Erin also specializes in teaching persons with complex needs.

This has included:

Riders who are on the autism spectrum

Riders with ADHD

Riders with PTSD

Riders with Down's Syndrome

Riders who are hearing impaired

Riders who are visually impaired

Riders with multiple complex physical and cognitive needs.