SPIRIT Horse -Stable Life

           ~ Bringing Horses & People Together!

SPIRIT Horse Sessions

Clients will be guided through various experiences with the horses which include:

  • watching the dynamics of the horses and herd
  • identifying relationships and dynamics in the herd
  • entering the herd to catch a horse
  • trust exercises with the horses
  • learning to communicate with a horse
  • experiencing how horses can show how to live better lives
  • building symbolic obstacles to accomplish with the horse
  • individual and/or group tasks with the herd
  • symbolic painting on the horses
  • having fun with the horses

Horses have an undeniable ability to bring about change in people; they mirror a situation and show us the best and worst of ourselves. Clients will build relationships with the horses that will allow for an open path of learning to help the client make changes for their recovery.  A facilitator who is also an equine specialist is present during the sessions.