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Erin Gallant is the creator and program director for Spirit Horse NL- Stable Life Inc

The programs are facilitated by Erin Gallant – a graduate of Therapeutic Recreation, an Equestrian Canada Coach Specialist, a Certified Mental Health Peer Supporter with Peer Support Canada and a Level 4 Healing Touch Energy Work Apprentice Practitioner. In addition to her educational and vocational experiences, what makes the programs here at the stable most effective is Erin’s own lived experience and self-identification with mental health issues and her journey to use horses as a tool in her recovery. Erin has been caring for horses her entire life – it has been her life long dream to pass on her experiences and her expertise to others experiencing similar obstacles and barriers in their lives. Erin’s recovery journey continues day-to-day and it is through her connection with the horses that she is able to assist others in taking the steps towards their own recovery.

Her resume includes:

Nationally Certified Western Instructor of Beginners

Nationally Certified Western Competition Coach Specialist

Nationally Certified English Instructor of Beginners

Therapeutic Recreation Diploma

Relaxation Therapy Diploma

Trained and worked as a Mental Health Peer Supporter

Certified in Mental Health First Aid

Certified in Applied Suicide Skills Intervention Training

Certified in Equine Developed Interacting Tools- Melody Acres

Founder of SPIRIT Horse Program and Model

Member of Equine Facilitated Wellness Canada

Level 4 Healing Beyond Borders Healing Touch Energy Healing Practitioner 

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