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Horses in Motion: Breaking Down Barriers

Sister organizations Partners In Process and Stable Life Inc have been breaking down barriers in their work of Equine Assisted Programming by travelling and bringing horses to the community. One such program is their pioneer work being the first organization in Canada to bring horses inside the prison walls of the Adult Correction System in Newfoundland for Men and Women as a pilot project. We want to expand our mobile program and bring horses to more facilities including: youth corrections, drug and addiction rehabilitation centers, youth mental health treatment centers, community centers, hospitals and reach populations that are unable to come to our facility due to lack of access to transportation or due to being institutionalized. All of the work that we have done in our mobile program has been either through donated time or self funded. 

Equine-assisted, peer-driven programs are an innovative, evidence-based approach that assists participants with various mental health issues to feel empowered to progress through their recovery journey with choice and autonomy. One of the core beliefs from a recovery perspective is that people should be taught the skills to take charge of managing their own health and life choices. Teaching people to help themselves can improve their quality of life and ultimately assist them to achieve their optimal level of performance in any life role and in any environment.

From our practice, it is not the gender, illness, crime or even the life circumstances that shape the experiences of our participants in sessions. The horses do not know the life stories of our participants, nor do they care. The horses do not distinguish female or male, they do not know who has hallucinations, who lives with anxiety, or who committed a crime, and they do not understand whether we are in a field in a park, inside prison walls or at their own arena – that’s the amazing concept behind what Stable Life Inc. is able to offer participants. Our collaborative approach is unique in that it focuses on the horse influencing the participant versus the participant controlling the horse. What we observe in each session is the similarity in recovery needs that participants are yearning for.

Expanding this program to reach more populations will increase the connection of our community to vital services that are proven to be effective. We want to access larger communities of people and bring people together to create change in mental health and addictions. Horses in Motion will break down barriers because we are unique in wanting to do more with our horses and think outside the box and think outside of the stable. We are able to transport our horses to engage with people in any setting. If we are successful in our idea we will bring healthy and positive services to our community one hoof at a time. 

About Partners in Process our Sister organization.  

Partners in Process Equine Learning Centre is a registered Charity established to provide children, youth and young adults at risk or who have become involved with the Youth Criminal Justice System, alternative ways of dealing with their issues; Offering children, youth and young adults the tools to learn for themselves about trust and taking responsibility.

Visit their website here